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We're not really a collision repair business. What we are is a consumer guide and an information resource that you can use when you need collision repairs so you make a better decision as to who repairs your vehicle.

FACT: a person, on average, might need collision repairs every 5 to 7 years.

Having your collision-damaged vehicle repaired is not something you do very often. In reality, you might go through the collision repair process maybe once in your life. This is why most consumers are generally so ill informed about collision claims and the repair process. And that's what some insurance companies and the direct repair contract shops on the insurer's list take an unbelievable advantage of.

Insurance Company-Direct Repair Shops Whisper "3's a Crowd"

Taking advantage of your inexperience and keeping you out of the loop could possibly cheat you out of proper and safe repairs. Why do they do this? Money. A direct repair shop is on an insurance company's "preferred" list for several reasons, and none of which benefit you, the vehicle owner. These shops are preferred because:
1. They do the repairs at a pre-approved price the insurance company is willing to pay.
2. They give discounts on parts back to the insurance company.
3. They promise to work fast so the insurance company can save money on your rental car.
4. They're willing to skip certain procedures and overlook hidden damage. in order to save time and get your repairs done faster.
5. They use counterfeit replacement crash parts. Counterfeit parts are poor quality imitations of Original Factory parts. They have a long history of not fitting properly, having little to no resistance to rust, and a poor record of performance in crash tests. And if that's not enough, they can greatly reduce your vehicle's resale value and void your new car warranty.
6. They repair your car to the insurance company's estimate in exchange for getting more referrals from the insurance company.
FACT: Vehicles are easy to repair cheaply, and make look expensive. Don't be fooled by a shiny new paint job! With collision repairs, what you don't see is much more important to your satisfaction and safety than what you do see.
FACT: More technology was used in the design and manufacture of your vehicle than NASA used in putting an astronaut on the Moon!

The vehicle you drive is very different from the vehicle your grandfather or even your father drove. Your vehicle is SO much safer. Unibody design, crumple zones, seat belts, and airbags are just a few of the many safety systems built into your vehicle. These safety systems are helping save thousands of lives every year.

FACT: The moment of impact in an accident happens in a tenth of a second, but can affect the lives of you and your family forever.

Timing is everything. How your vehicle's safety systems perform at that moment of impact will determine if you walk away shaken up or suffer from major injuries…or even death.

In an accident there is no rehearsal…there is no second chance.

Who repairs your vehicle is a very important decision. You should know and trust the people who repair your vehicle. They should have the training and experience, and use the latest technology and equipment available in a clean, modern facility so your vehicle can be restored to pre-accident condition.

Minimize Your Risk…Make the Safest Choice!

We believe it is important to help you minimize your risk when choosing a collision repair facility. That's why this website exists. It is here to help educate and empower you to make an informed decision about who repairs your collision-damaged vehicle.

More important, we believe the choice should be yours.

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